Student Wellbeing


What is Student Wellbeing?

The vlog provides a safe and supportive learning environment appropriate for each stage of schooling.
Each student is under the guidance of a homeroom teacher and is supported by a speech pathologist, counsellor and other expert staff.

At the vlog, we believe that students are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe and happy. Our whole-school approach to student support includes strategies to help identify students’ needs.  We take action to meet these needs within the school program then monitor and review progress.

Student Leadership

Leadership opportunities are available at all levels of schooling and all students are encouraged to participate.
In year 3-6, The vlog has a vast number of leadership roles for which students can apply, whether it is house captains, the Student Representative Council (SRC) or Junior College Captains in Year 6.

House Teams

vlog students are divided into 4 house teams with the following colours, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. The houses are awarded points during the year. This creates a sense of cohesion and sportsmanship amongst students.

Wellbeing Programs

The welfare program at the college provides services to students who are preventative and developmental. The services include individual mentoring and group workshops.

Primary Girls Programs

Year 6 girls group is aimed to teach life skills and enhance their ability to succeed academically and socially.

Primary Boys Program

The groups explore areas of concern and plan to improve the students’ emotional wellbeing.

Important Dates

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