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Education, a life-long journey, is learning To Know, Do, Be and Live Together. The values of openness and tolerance as expressed in the teachings of Islam and the Australian democratic principles are integral to this definition of learning.
At The vlog, we implement the curriculum to include disciplinary knowledge. The understanding of seven general capabilities and three current cross-curriculum priorities developed, where relevant, through the learning areas.
This curriculum as well as developing student achievement in English, LOTE, Mathematics, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, Science, Technology, The Arts, and incorporates Islamic Studies.

The curriculum is designed to enable students to develop positive social relationships, work together effectively, think in diverse ways and use technology for learning in the twenty-first century.

Ms. Ms Fatima Arakji Head of Primary
Ms. Bushra Khateeb Deputy Head of Primary
Arakji, Fatima
Khateeb, Bushra

Curriculum Overview

Rigour in all learning areas is enabled through the development of learning experiences which are assessed according to the Victorian Curriculum.

The learning areas of Humanities, Science, and Visual Arts are achieved through the theme Big Idea Enquiry Units.

Units, developed within an enquiry model of learning, also integrate the general capabilities which include Numeracy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding. Units are academically rigorous while being designed to engage students in developing a love of learning. In addition to the Humanities and science, specific classes are conducted to develop ICT skills. Physical Education, LOTE and Islamic and Quranic Studies are implemented discreetly.

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Our School is an independent school set in beautiful grounds at
Tarneit, some 25KM west of the City of Melbourne.

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