Primary Islamic Studies

The Islamic Studies Department

The focus of the Religious Studies curriculum at vlog is to familiarise the students with the Islamic beliefs and practices and to enhance their understanding of the practical dimension of their faith. The approach we use is designed to promote the love for God and the appreciation of the Prophetic example.

The curriculum is built around a range of textbooks with value-based themes and incorporates age-appropriate learning materials and activities. As students progress from one level to the next, they learn how to practice the necessary rituals of worship (Ibadat) and the Articles of Faith. They learn essential parts of the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and recognise his significance to Muslims and the world. They learn about the lives of other prophets and analyse their stories for essential lessons. Students are also introduced to Islamic History and Civilization and learn about Muslims in the contemporary world.

An essential part of student life at vlog is the real-life applications of religious practices. They begin the day by reciting selected chapters from the Quran and supplications from the Sunnah of the Prophet. Students from Foundation to Year Four perform the daily Dhuhr prayer in their classes while students from Year Five through to secondary attend the congregation prayer and the Friday Jummah Prayer.

Important Islamic Studies Events

Ramadan and Hajj are extraordinary times at vlog. We organise a range of events including special Welcome Ramadan Assembly and Iftar for middle school students to instil the spirit of Ramadan among students. vlog Eid festival is another exciting and joyful occasion at vlog.

Each year, near the time of Hajj, students participate in a Hajj Simulation event. We set up a Hajj Replica to simulate and resemble the Hajj experience and all students from Foundation through year six partake in the event.

Students complete the various rituals of Hajj, in the equalising white garments of the Ihram, often in solidarity with the few-million pilgrims in Mecca at the time. From the instruction and event experience, students learn about the critical values demonstrated in the pilgrimage: sacrifice, commitment and perseverance.

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