In 2013, our humble beginning consisted of a small room with a limited book collection. Fast forward to today, we proudly boast a brand-new, expansive library housing various collections, such as non-fiction, fiction, and other valuable resources for students and staff.

We have catalogued over 16,000 books to date, and we continue to expand our collection each day. Our library also features modern amenities, including an interactive whiteboard and computers, allowing students to effortlessly search for information and accomplish their tasks.

We take great joy in assisting with book research, providing information, and offering personalised book recommendations to our students.

Organisation of the books:

We have organised the fiction and picture books alphabetically, according to the first three letters of the author’s surname. Non-fiction books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal system ranging from 000-999.

The Ten Main Subjects For Non-Fiction Books

  • 000 Computer science, information & general works
  • 100 Philosophy & psychology
  • 200 Religion
  • 300 Social sciences
  • 400 Language
  • 500 Science
  • 600 Technology
  • 700 Arts & recreation
  • 800 Literature
  • 900 History & geography

Library sessions:

Students are borrowing and returning books during their scheduled library session.
On this day students will borrow new books and return the books they borrowed before.
They will also be learning about how to look after the books and how to research for information.
Please ensure your child has his/ her library bag, diary/ communication book and a pencil.
They should write the due date of the book into their communication book/ diary.
Library books are to be returned in the return chute on time.

Lost and damaged books:

A friendly reminder any lost or damaged books will incur a fine. A note will be given out if this occurs.
Let’s keep up the fantastic work of taking care of the books and returning them back on time.

Upcoming events in the library:

‘Scholastic Book Club’ is a catalogue that goes out to students for them to order books, posters, and much more.
It comes back with the order form and money and the students will receive the items they have ordered.
Each student will be given a catalogue according to their year level.
We encourage every student to read various books.
Students love to read to gain knowledge and students read for fun.
We hope that this is an opportunity for them to purchase their favourite and wonderful books.

‘Aligator Book Fair’ is where Islamic books are displayed visually for purchasing.
It is a great way to get everyone excited about reading.
There are Islamic and Arabic books, stationary, educational Quran and Arabic games.
Family motivation in reading activities can have a strong, positive impact on a child’s educational achievement.

The book fair will enable a hands-on experience where students can discover a love of books and ignite a life-long passion for reading.
It is a great opportunity to purchase a gift for Ramadan and for Eid.
Please make sure you send sufficient cash with your child so that they can purchase the book or item of their choice.
We kindly encourage you all to support these great events, as each purchase you make means we get more resources for our school library.

‘Book Week’ is a day where we share the wonderful books that we all love to read.
We come dressed up in our favourite character and walk in the character parade.
We have fun doing different activities based around the book theme for that year.

Some activities you can do while reading:

  • Choose a character from the book. Imagine you were that character. Would the story be different or the same?
  • Who is the author? Check out more books from the same author.
  • Who is the illustrator?
  • Predict what will happen next?
  • Create your own bookmark
  • Create your own character from the book using paper plates, for example an emu with feathers.

Useful educational websites:

  • (including Phonics)
  • h
  • New books and reviews: (Coming soon)
  • Library catalogue: (Coming soon)
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