vlog Mission and Vision

Our Vision

The vlog is recognised as a quality co-educational institution within the local community and beyond. Its vision is to ensure excellence, in both academic and Islamic development, with continuous progress in producing a new generation of Muslims, who are committed Australians. This generation will embrace the Australian and global values of care and compassion, doing your best, freedom, honesty and trustworthiness, integrity, respect, responsibility, openness, tolerance and inclusion.

The diverse programs to be implemented will foster a love of lifelong learning, a sense of achievement and respect for, and understanding and tolerance of others.

Teaching and learning will accommodate the diverse needs of our students as teachers seek out the best practices and embrace educational initiatives both locally and internationally for continuous improvement to occur. Learning through a variety of programs will enable students to become literate, numerate, self-directed, and skilled in critical thinking, creative thinking, and reasoning and be technologically proficient. Students will also foster in them the ability to be caring, have intercultural understanding and respect for others. Students, parents and teachers will work together as active learners to ensure that all experience success.

Students will develop an awareness of their responsibilities to the community and their environment. As active global citizens, they will be prepared to contribute positively to the local and international communities.

The realisation of this vision will ensure that the school community are well informed lifelong learners that can face local, national and global challenges with confidence.

The following statement is considered as an appropriate summary of the students’ needs:
  • Obey the commandments of Allah and seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave;
  • Think for yourself, think of others;
  • Like for others, what you like for yourself;
  • Keep a smile on your face;
  • Learn to wait, but don’t wait to learn;
  • Nobody is perfect, but everybody is important;
  • Strive for your best;
  • Respect others if you want others to respect you

Our Mission

The vlog will provide a positive learning environment where staff and students work co-operatively to achieve their best and to develop a commitment to continuous learning and effective participation within their wider community. We are committed to fostering a community of learners, and to provide an academic curriculum that develops a broad knowledge base, while promoting the skills of critical and creative thinking.  We seek to do this within a challenging and supportive Islamic environment which develops individuals as both independent and collaborative learners.

The college is also committed to child safety and to prevent child abuse by creating an organisational culture and structure to address any issues related to child abuse. All staff, volunteers and school members are responsible for supporting the safety of children by adhering to the code of conduct which states acceptable and unacceptable behaviour with respect to child safety and child abuse.

The college clearly opposes any practice that involves conduct of a reportable nature and will be constantly looking to implement measures and strategies that are aimed at preventing reportable conduct and other harm coming to children in its care. Please refer to the vlog Mandatory Reporting Policy, which details the college’s prevention strategies.

Objectives for Students:
  • To foster the development of Islamic manners and love of learning in students
  • To promote the physical, spiritual, academic, social, emotional and moral development of each student
  • To provide adequate and appropriate educational facilities
  • To provide a child safe school that is free from abuse and violence
  • To encourage the highest level of community and parental involvement
  • To provide a positive, caring and supportive climate
  • To work as a team to accomplish our mission
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