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Success is a journey, not a destination. Along with this journey, our faith and our knowledge are crucial to achieving this success. At the vlog, we aim to provide the best possible environment to facilitate this journey through secondary school and beyond. By offering experiences such as the annual Careers Expo, VCE Study Camp, Meet the Professionals, group and one on one counselling sessions, students will be well equipped with the skills to help them on their career journey. On this page, you will find the most up to date information about careers and pathways, access to university or TAFE websites, search engines and much more.

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In year 7 the students will discover their strengths and talents.

In year 8 the students will explore the world of work and their place in it.

In year 9 the students will focus on how their individual interests, skills, values and beliefs contribute to their career planning.

In Year 10, the students will focus on their future career plans. They will explore the education and training requirements of various work roles in their preferred future occupation or work sectors. They will begin to choose subjects based on prerequisites that are essential for future course selection.

At the vlog the students participate in an annual work experience program. This program enables students to completely immerse themselves in the world of full-time work for a period of up to two weeks. Students can choose to work in many areas such as retail, construction, law firms, hospitals, and offices. Although the students are encouraged to approach employers and ask for work experience themselves the careers team is here to assist them in finding their workplace of choice.

At this point the students refine their preferred study, training and work options. Students can utilise career information resources to identify career opportunities that are available for their skills and knowledge base using the VTAC guide and other online resources.

The final year of school can be one of the most defining time in a student’s schooling. At this stage, the students consider the possible implications of changes in learning and work for their own career goals and plans. With confidence, students will be able to navigate this website to locate and use education and training information, occupational and industry information and labour market information in the career-building process.

Study Skills

Study skills are an approach applied to learn. They are a set of strategies for students to use that are essential to optimising their academic success. For further information, please see the resources available.

Further Study

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Every year most universities have an open day.
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