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Secondary Multicultural Day

Our Secondary Multicultural Assembly was an absolute whirlwind of cultural celebrations!
The atmosphere was electrified as the rhythmic beats of the Didgeridoo filled the air, showcasing the Indigenous Australians’ rich culture.
Following this, our school community was treated to a dazzling Cultural Dress Parade, where students proudly showcased the diversity of their heritage. Mr. Fadi Koubar, Ms. Maha El Sayegh and Ms. Zainab Shakoor were on the panel of judges.
The excitement continued with the Māori Hakka performance, which left us all in awe of their strength and spirit.
This was complemented by a poignant Palestinian poem delivered by one of talented Year 12 students Reem Al Hawli, offering a moment of reflection and appreciation of the culture.
And of course, what better way to conclude the assembly than with some friendly competition? The winning class from our Orphan Sponsorship Program went head-to-head with the teachers in an exhilarating tug of war showdown. In the end the students emerged victorious, showcasing strength and unity.
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